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17 November 2021 - 19 November 2021
BE @Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2021 - Virtual Edition
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Open until 12 November 2021

The brokerage event is part of Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2021 - Virtual Edition, that in addition to BE@SMM2021 includes the following events:

Webinar 4.0 @SMM2021
Webinars held by specialists and related to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 topic

Virtual Company Missions @SMM2021
Virtual Company Missions are an opportunity to exchange experiences and find business and research partners.
They will consist of virtual presentations by one or more companies/research groups to other invited companies/research groups that have shown interest in the company mission’s topic. At the end of the presentations there will be one-to-one meetings previously scheduled.

World Investment @SMM2021
World Investment is an initiative to facilitate the matching of investment supply and demand for innovative projects. Companies and startups can submit innovative projects via an online platform by attaching a short pitch presentation. All proposals will receive a response from expert advisors, and those assessed to be immediately potentially fundable will have the opportunity to be presented, in an online meeting, with the pitch presentation previously submitted to the advisors.

Events for schools and young would-be entrepreneurs.
Young @ SMM2021 is the Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking space dedicated to schools and young would-be entrepreneurs. It includes a series of Webinars on the topics of Industry 4.0, business simulation and business start-up that define a path for an award competition of project ideas that will be held in the final session of SMM2021 in November.

To participate in these events it is necessary to register on smm2021.eu

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Participants 204
Meetings 210


Algeria 1
Austria 5
Belgium 1
Bulgaria 18
Canada 1
Croatia 1
Czech Republic 4
Denmark 1
Finland 1
France 4
Germany 10
Greece 18
India 2
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Italy 19
Japan 1
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Latvia 4
Lithuania 2
Malta 4
Netherlands 1
Nigeria 1
Poland 5
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Spain 28
Sweden 1
Switzerland 3
Taiwan 1
Tunisia 6
Turkey 21
Ukraine 7
United Kingdom 5
United States 1
Uruguay 1
Total 209


Start-up 29
Microenterprise (0-10) 38
Small Enterprise (10-49) 54
Medium Enterprise (50-249) 29
Large Enterprise (250+) 18
University 9
R&D Institution 16
Association/Agency 3
Cluster 2
Investor/Business Angel 1
Other 10
Total 209

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